CCEF Presents Funds for School Projects

The Culver City Education Foundation granted funding for six CCUSD projects in its third round of grant applications this school year. It includes an Art Program funded by Wally Marks of Walter N. Marks, Inc., and a field trip to Cabrillo Museum funded by UCLA-CCUSD Elementary Science Partnership. The funding totals $16,758 and includes six projects for elementary schools, one Middle School project, two High School projects and one project at Culver Park High School:

* Learning with Wet Hands and Sandy Feet, trip to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium for all 5 elementary schools (Thank you UCLA-CCUSD Elementary Science Partnership)
* Fifth-grade Music Center workshops at Farragut
* Language Arts Theater Collaborative for eighth-grade English class at CCMS
* 10 computers for library at CCHS
* Funding assistance for the CCHS theatre production for K-5, part of the Anti-bullying program; Cootie Shots
* HeArt Project funding for Culver Park High School (Thank you Wally Marks!)

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  1. Dear Culver City Crossroads –
    The Drama Department at CCHS gratefully thanks CCEF for a grant that funds our upcoming production of “Cootie Shots – Theatrical Inoculations Against Bigotry for Students, Parents and Teachers.” In partnership with CCUSD’s Anti-Bullying Task Force, our Drama II/III students will be traveling to Linwood Howe, El Rincon and La Ballona to perform for the students. COOTIE SHOT is a group of short plays about tolerance and acceptance for all people. We want to present a fun and constructive way to promote tolerance and celebrate diversity. Our play presents role models of many different races, cultures, classes, genders, abilities, sexual orientations, religions,mages & appearances. As you meet the members of our cast… will see that this is exactly who we are! We are so excited for this integration between high school and elementary school students. In the best of ways, we are able to show how
    Culver City High School is an engaged and caring academic community where diversity is valued and respected.

    Yours –
    Sheila Silver
    AVPA Creative Director – Theatre Arts

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