TCC- Simplify the Holidays

Transition Culver City will help you clear the decks before you deck the halls with a thought provoking evening of sharing and creating. Simplify the Holidays: CIY (Create It Yourself) Craft Workshop, White Elephant Exchange


Lighting the Tower -Dec. 3

The City of Culver City’s annual Tower Lighting Ceremony (possibly the biggest Christmas Tree on the Westside) is coming up on Dec. 3, beginning at 6:30 p.m. This will be a fun filled evening for

Homes With Heart by Heather Coombs-Perez

Homes With Heart – Heather Coombs-Perez

According to a recent article published by Fidelity National Home Warranty, the day after Thanksgiving causes plumbers to give thanks—or not, depending on how you look at it. With all the preparation cuttings and leftovers

Looking Up by Bob Eklund

Looking Up – Bob Eklund

Planet from Another Galaxy Discovered An exoplanet orbiting a star that entered our Milky Way from another galaxy has been detected by a European team of astronomers using a 2.2-meter (87-inch) telescope at the La