Culver City Education Foundation Wins Grants

In the fourth and final round of grant applications for this school year, the Culver City Education Foundation funded 10 CCUSD projects: one for grades 2-8, four projects for elementary schools, two for the middle school, and three high school projects. The funding total of $24,424 included a generous unrestricted grant of $2,500 from the Collins Foundation.

Here is a summary of this round of grants:

* Partial funding of the Music Center/ CCUSD Arts Integration Partnership for theater, puppetry and dance grades 2-8.
* LCD/Elmo combos and secure cart to be shared by four kinder classes at Lin Howe
* SMARTboard for a 1st grade classroom at Lin Howe
* A pilot anti-bullying program for all grades at El Rincon
* 2 Brightlink Interactive Learning Systems to be shared by four kinder classes at El Rincon
* Replenishing of consumable materials for an 8th grade Literature/Arts integration program (funded last year by CCEF)
* Brightlink Interactive Learning System for computer lab at CCMS
* Software for the AP Statistics class at CCHS
* Purchase of a desktop Mac and teacher education to further online journalism at CCHS
* Brightlink Interactive learning Systems for the technology center at CCHS.

Thanks to all the smart, hardworking folks at CCEF for keeping our schools on top.

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