Fireworks and Friends at CCHS on July 4

An estimated 12,000 revelers packed the field at Culver City High School for the annual Fireworks Show. Among those volunteers from the Exchange Club helping out at the event was Dr. Luther Henderson, taking tickets at the gate moments before the show started.

While the red shirted volunteers were busy, the families continued to pour onto the field until the moment when the music began, and the sky lit up. It was a great show, (always held to the standard of the previous year) and the standing fireworks on the field included the flag, a light shower, and the words “Culver City Exchange Club” in white light. The crowd cheered and exclaimed underneath the exploding colors, and the spirit of the holiday seemed to move through the crowd like a wave.

While not officially confirmed by the police, the mounted patrol offered that there were less than a dozen arrests, so almost everyone behaved themselves. The simple math of getting 12,000 people in and out without any major incident is cause for celebration. Congratulations to the 60 police officers and 75 Exchange Club volunteers who created such a wonderful way to celebrate Independence Day.

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