CC Garden Club – Cultivating Carnivorous Plants with Leslie Harris

Discover practical tips for growing carnivorous plants in gardens or indoor terrariums with Culver City Garden Club, July 2, at 7 pm at the Vets Building – in the Garden Room. Discuss soil requirements, lighting, and proper care. Show off some popular species that enthusiasts can cultivate, such as such as Venus Fly Traps, Pitcher Plants, Sundews and Butterworts, and Monkey Cups.

Leslie Harris hails from the Southern California Carnivorous Plant Society. She’s the Senior Collections Manager, Polychaetes at LA County’s Natural History Museum. She has worked with the polychaete collection since 1988. And is an eminent authority on the marine flora and fauna of California. She has been instrumental in the acquisition of major private polychaete collections for the museum and is one of the founders of the Southern California Association of Marine Invertebrate Taxonomists.

Vets Memorial Building

4117 Overland Ave.

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