Dear Editor- Chardiet is a Clear Choice

Dear Editor,

I urge all voters to join me in electing Laura Chardiet to the Culver City School Board.

I’ve known Laura for more than 15 years. I’ve always been impressed by her intelligence and her positive, constructive attitude. She’s demonstrated a tremendous level of commitment to Culver City’s children and schools through her volunteer work, including her leadership of our citywide Council PTA. Laura has always been there when our kids needed her and she has proven herself to be an effective member of a community-based team.

Laura brings a great deal to the table from her professional life. Her experience running a large and very effective grant-funded adult literacy program proves she’s got what it takes to lead. Her experience as a classroom teacher gives her an understanding of what our teachers face every day. And with two children in Culver City schools, she’s got a real stake in the future of our schools.

Experienced, intelligent, independent and dedicated: Laura Chardiet is exactly the sort of leader I look for. Culver City needs her on our School Board.

Scott Malsin

Vice Mayor

The Actors' Gang

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