The Final Interview- Robert Zirgulis

Candidate Robert Zirgulis
Candidate Robert Zirgulis

Bringing the Culver City council campaign to a close, Crossroads will be giving the candidates one more chance to sum up.

Candidate Robert Zirgulis spoke with Crossroads on April 5 at 10:30 a.m. about his latest focus. While seemingly unconcerned about matters such as the budget shortfall, the search for a new city manager, and the funding crisis in the schools,  Zirgulis kept firmly to the demographic that he has already captured; people who don’t like to pay parking tickets or obey traffic lights, and citizens against children getting hurt. While these may not be tough votes to get, Zirgulis has put all of his efforts towards winning them, and it is almost certain those efforts will be rewarded. Of course, even people who care about  their right to run yellow lights might choose to vote for someone who has shown an interest in some of the more pressing issues facing Culver City today. Next Tuesday, we’ll know.

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