City Council Awards Contract for Safety Projects

SAFETY FIRST Road Sign - 3D Rendering

Safety improvements are slated to begin at 10 intersections in Culver City. The City Council awarded a construction contract to Elencor Belco Electrical Inc., for $463,407 for the Unsignalized Intersection Safety Improvements Project.

The Unsignalized Safety Improvement Project proposes safety improvements at the 10 intersections listed below. The safety improvements include intersection lighting, installation/upgrade of stop signs and other warning and regulatory signs, and upgrade of intersection pavement markings at the following intersections:

Higuera Street at Krueger Street
Overland Avenue at Northgate Street
Washington Boulevard at Kensington Road*
Washington Boulevard at Prospect Avenue
Washington Boulevard at Kenyon Avenue
Washington Boulevard at Midway Avenue *
Washington Place at Boise Avenue
Washington Place at Tuller Avenue
Sepulveda Boulevard at Vera Way
Jackson Avenue at Farragut Drive/Revere Place
* New or enhanced roadway lighting

Two locations, Washington Boulevard at Kensington Road and Jackson Avenue at Farragut Drive/Revere Place, include curb extensions to shorten pedestrian crossing distance and to make intersection operations more clear. The extension at Farragut Drive/Revere Place will be constructed with flex curbs and filled in with pavers. Two locations indicated in the list above are proposed for installation of new or enhanced roadway lighting for better nighttime visibility.

City Council’s approval also authorized change orders to the contract in an amount not-to-exceed $69,511 to cover contingency costs.

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