CPK Gets Dem Club Endorsement for Council Run

christopher_kingThe CPK4CC Team is honored and proud to announce that Christopher Patrick “CPK” King has earned the endorsement of the Culver City Democratic Club. King received the most votes of any of the candidates, and received the club’s endorsement with second highest vote recipient, Councilman Jim Clarke. This was the first time in recent history that the club did not need to do a second ballot to determine its endorsement.

Team CPK4CC is energized by this key endorsement! According to King, “The Culver City Democratic Club is one of the most critical endorsements in Culver City. It shows that the club vetted our team’s credentials and trusts our ability to bring positive, forward-thinking activism to our community. Now our work continues, but this endorsement helps get us that much closer to victory on election day!”

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  1. Is it intentional that he uses the same initials as California Pizza Kitchen? I find this confusing and makes it harder for me to focus on his attributes as a candidate.

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