Autumn and Feng Shui Prosperity – Janet Mitsui Brown

Fall has always been a special time for me. When I was much younger, it was the time when the new school year started — a few dress! new shoes! new school supplies!and new teachers – a nice clean slate.

Fast forward, forward… my husband and I married, in the summer, but we had our reception in September, the commencement of the autumn solstice. Perfect weather – no wind, crisp air. The evening is …flawless.

And then one year later in September, 25 years ago, my daughter was born. How wonderful is that?

The bountiful harvest in autumn is special. I love the really crispy bite of the new apple, and I can’t wait for persimmons to become available, with that hachiya/fuju orange flesh. Pomegranates are also in their prime – highlighting the princely seeds of fertility.

And pumpkins are wonderful to look at for two months before we carve them in October, and cook them in November. Yummmm!

The basis of feng shui is the t’ai chi of the I Ching, and the transition of the elements from wood (spring) to fire (summer) to fall (earth) to winter (metal, water) and a return to spring (wood). The changes in weather and time are as cyclical as the sun rising and setting

The compass school balances the elements, and the black hat sect school balance space, the qi energy in its mundane form (the visible) and the transcendental form (the invisible). The changes may be subtle, and we are able to maintain our balance and get an advantage if we work on these feng shui aspects.

Honoring the seasons and its changes connects you to the environment, and inspires your soul to have gratitude for what you have in this life.

I do a qi infusion – I listen to nature’s sounds, I breathe in the fall air, I hold my ojuzu (prayer beads), count the beads on my mala, and silence my mind to give thanks for being here to enjoy this moment. This is true prosperity.

In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown,

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