CCPD Scam Alert

Culver City resident recently reported being contacted by an individual claiming to be an FBI agent, and then by someone claiming to be a Culver City Police Department investigator. This so called investigator informed the resident that they had won the lottery and that their winnings had been stolen by someone impersonating them. The “investigator” told the resident that they were going to help them claim their winnings. In order to claim their winnings, the “investigator” directed the resident to wire $1,400 to a location in Mexico. This is when the resident became suspicious and contacted the Culver City Police Department.

The individual that contacted the above resident is not a member of the Culver City Police Department. It should be noted that the individuals perpetrating this scam are very sophisticated. They are able to manipulate caller ID so that it reads “Culver City Police Department,” a legitimate telephone number for the Culver City Police Department, or any other police department name or number. Residents should remember that a legitimate police investigator would never ask a victim to wire or send money anywhere.

After looking into this a little further, it was learned that there has been a pattern of this type of scam across the country. Please see below link:

The Actors' Gang

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