HEART by Louise Reichlin & Dancers – July 12

Enjoy an evening of dance in downtown Culver City with HEART by Louise Reichlin & Dancers on Friday, July 12 at 7:00 PM. Featuring the premiere of HEART, Part I, plus a full program of dance/multimedia works including METRO TRANSFORMATION, GOTTA GET UP!, URBAN AND TRIBAL DANCES (Batida, Wedding, Alone, War, Remembrance, Together), and REBOOT! REBOOT!

Creative Director/Choreographer Louise Reichlin, Additional Choreographers: Jill Elaine Collins, Mcknnly Moren

Performers: Alana Astor, Jill Elaine Collins, Julie Hackett, Alice Lousen, Eve Metsaranta, Mcknnly Moren, Yaya Ruiz, Kohl Lewis

Visual Artists: Feliz Mcinnis, Audri Phillips

Ivy Substation Theater

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Photo by Leif Derrickson

This performance is made possible in part by the City of Culver City and its Cultural Affairs Commission, with support from Sony Pictures Entertainment.


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