Dear Editor – City Council Should Focus on Culver City

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter from Ronald L.F. Davis published on June 27th (“Council Should Support Ceasefire Resolution”) perhaps Mr. Davis should direct his efforts towards encouraging Hamas to accept any of the numerous ceasefires that have been offered, including the most recent that was offered with the support of both the United States government and the United Nations, but rejected by Hamas after they refused to budge from their initial demands. Just as Hamas started this war – before October 7th the IDF was not attacking Gaza, and there was no indication of any plans to do so – so too can Hamas end it.

Mr. Davis points towards the number supposedly killed. He fails to mention that this is a number provided by the Gaza Health Ministry, which means by Hamas. He fails to mention that this also includes members of Hamas. How can we trust numbers from an organization that apparently cannot locate or even say how many of the remaining hostages taken on October 7th are still alive?

The Culver City Council has nothing to do with international policy. Any relations that Culver City has with Israel are at best incidental business relationships which the Council has no control over. By insisting that the City Council endorse an apparently one-sided resolution calling for a ceasefire ignores the culpability of Hamas, and by extension, those who support it. To do so would also encourage more attacks against Jews, such as occurred this past weeked in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood.

This is a very emotionally charged issue. The City Council has enough to deal with in governing the city, and should not invite further trouble on itself by getting involved in something outside of its purview.

Joel Allan
Culver City

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