Celebrate Women’s Sufferage on August 18 – Gyi, McMorrin and Wollin to Reflect with CC Crossroads

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

When the 19th Amendment to the Constitution became law a hundred years ago this month, it created a new class of American voters, and an opportunity for women to shape policy. 

In this year historic year, we have three women who have declared their candidacy for the Culver City Council; Khin Khin Gyi, Yasmine-Imani McMorrin, and Heather Wollin. On Tuesday August 18, 2020,  at 7 pm, Culver City Crossroads will be hosting a conversation with these candidates about what it means for them to be running for office, and how being female has shaped their views of politics, civil rights and sex. 

It took 70 years for women to win the right to vote in the US, and there were decades where there was almost no progress towards the goal. Even after the amendment passed, women did not turn out in the numbers expected (or hoped for) as voters. But the voter registration for the US mid-term elections in 2018 showed 153 million registered voters, and 81.3 million of those voters were women. 

What the tallies will show us in November, and what the statistics will be in 2020 may well change the shape of many government policies, both local and national. 

Online information for connecting to the call will be published on August 17; check back for the click through. 

Judith Martin-Straw

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  1. Hi Judith, yet again I find myself thanking you for a job very well done for this forum. I got to hear much from the candidates. Your decision to keep everyone muted except the candidates was very wise.

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