Masks! Strollers! Distancing! Culver City Family Protest Walk May 31

There will be a family friendly protest walk in Culver City on Sunday, May 31, 4pm,  beginning at Veterans Park on the corner of Culver and Overland. Created by Xina Terrazas, to keep both solidarity and safety at the forefront of social consciousness. 

It is crucial to come wearing a face mask, and know that physical distancing of 6 feet will be required. Bring signage, and remember that small children will be a part of this, so keep those slogans clean and elegant. 

Terrazas noted on social media “There is a nationwide rebellion happening. this walk is in solidarity of that rebellion, and will be during day hours, peacefully so that our babies and kids can be a part of it with us.”

To make this successful —
1. stay on the sidewalk! 6ft space between families / or individuals. keep your masks on!
2. IGNORE AGITATORS (should there be any – ) 
The walk will go from the corner of Overland and Culver Boulevards to City Hall, and then back to Vets Park . expected time will be from 4 to 5pm.
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