CC in Process with American Disabilities Act – Self Evaluation and Transition

ADA72815The City of Culver City is in the process of preparing its ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan which is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Transition Plan will assist the city in improving its ability to serve the needs of people with disabilities and their families, by identifying facilities, or services that may not meet ADA standards.

Culver City ADA Consultant, Owen Group has reviewed the City’s existing ADA policies and procedures, conducted surveys of City buildings, public rights-of-way, and parks to determine any barriers to access. They are now preparing a draft of their findings which will be advertised for public review, prior to adoption of the ADA Transition Plan by the City Council.

If you have questions regarding the on-going Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan, please contact:

Christopher Evans, Project Manager 310.253.5621
Ken Jewell, Culver City ADA Consultant 213.873.4700
Serena Wright, Culver City ADA Coordinator 310.253.5640

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