Matching Swans Launches “Mommy & Me” Clothing Line from CC

KpPITQpWoVWdZuJn_c-2UmLB93vHMO1ge1URURKAJQtkRS0DkKxPPAn9Kj0lD6pEX6HH-B9YF9VTYiEDteoO2GV2Jw_IyVgq9SPThwZcsPW6pDzsQ4Mtax4WHaOfCaxJTx8zloSeCYvqOuMSb0zXVQd9KD24sqiFAu408YF5c-sdYwzsmcPvpvMYhN6Eg7j1x2SWhOTkbrbxZR9Ssd9v7Matching Swans launched its online store from Culver City on April 15th to reach to all the moms in California. The brand’s concept is to make quality, comfortable clothes to be enjoyed by families. The line is made of fresh, stylish garments that have been eco-processed.

Matching Swans strives to provide a link between mothers and their children providing garments that the whole family can enjoy in an everyday basis.

Designer Saioa Goitia explains it in her own words: “I moved to California with my family a year and a half ago, and a few months later my daughter Paula was born. Paula changed my life completely. I never knew that being a mom could be my biggest passion. She taught me to appreciate the little things, to enjoy every moment together. Playing with Paula one day I started matching my outfits with hers, and it became a fun game for both of us. We were building our own little universe. Matching Swans is exactly that, a fun way for family to bond in fresh, comfy and trendy clothes.”

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