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Just a thought by Judith Martin-Straw

Just a Thought- Well Worth the Weight

Just a Thought- Well Worth the Weight

The moment that I am struggling with the fact that it’s too cold to open a window, and it’s dark at five o’clock in the afternoon, the mail carrier shows up with five pounds of baklava. Yep, really, five whole pounds. There is winter, and then there are holidays. It is of course a gift, sent from a thoughtful relative, who wants to sweeten the celebration. As I am the only person around [...]

Just A Thought – It’s a Wonderful Life

Just A Thought – It’s a Wonderful Life

It Really is a Wonderful Life- I always find it fascinating how the stories we are drawn to become our stories. Is it that we already know, at some intuitive level that this plot twist is coming up in our own text? Or that loving the story as much as we do, we find a way to play the role in real life? Think about your favorite novel or your favorite fairy tale, and consider there’s an [...]

Just a Thought- Time is of the Essence

Just a Thought- Time is of the Essence

At the Culver City Council Meeting on Dec. 14, the issue was time. An item on the agenda in regard to clarifying the amount of time that public speakers would be allotted to address the council brought a lot of comments. The need for public comment, the right to free speech, all came very close to home. Is there anything else as important? Isn’t time all we really have? There is something [...]

Just a Thought – Festival of Lights

Just a Thought – Festival of Lights

There isn’t a culture that doesn’t have one. In the deep darkness of winter, the wind grows cold and the sun disappears in mid-afternoon. Our senses crave light as much as they crave warmth. The Hindus celebrate Dwali, Scandinavians celebrate Santa Lucia, and Jews celebrate Hanukkah, pagans celebrate Yule and Christians celebrate Christmas. Perhaps it’s the primal affection for fire as much [...]

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