School Board Goes to the Next Level with New Game Design Class

At the April 9, 2024 CCUSD School Board Meeting, the board launched the next level; building on the successful first two years of the Game Design program; they unanimously approved a new CCHS Career Technical Education course: Game Design II. This course meets the California Arts Standards for Visual Arts: Creating, Presenting, Responding, Connecting.

Having developed a proficient knowledge base and skill set in Game Design I, students will advance their occupational understanding using their soft and hard skills with tools necessary for professional game development in a team environment. Using software like Unreal Engine 5 and Maya on PCs in the Game Design lab, students will choose their roles as producers, designers, artists, and programmers to develop a vertical-slice of an original game.

Students will learn full branding, content marketing, and ago-to-market launch strategy and debut it in a class exhibition. Students will gain a deeper understanding into the history and methodologies of game development, marketing, history, hardware, design, and analyze the game planning and managerial process while identifying a career path they may take in gaming/creative industries.

Students will build a game that utilizes teamwork and project management by creating a game design production plan that describes the game play, outcomes, controls, rewards, interface, and artistic style of a video game. The course will include opportunities to learn about the field through exposure to game design studios, contemporary, and historical case studies, and industry guest/studio spotlights.

This course will be funded using CTE funds.


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