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CCEF Honors Benefactors at Breakfast

CCEF Business Partners of the Year L to r : Office of Child Development ,Lou Orr Lakeshore Learning Materials, El Marino, Adrian Funnel of Steel Deck, El Rincon; Rita Zide Roll ‘n Rye, Farragut; Royal/T Nina Savill, La Ballona; Mitch Glickman Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, Farragut; Royal/T Nina Savill; Culver City Middle School, Sharon O’Rourke Southern Calif. Gas Company; Patti Jaffe Interim CCUSD Superintendent, Leslie Adler CCEF Executive Director. (Not pictured, Lin Howe; Scott Saunders Vista Excavation and Demo, Culver City Middle School; John Riordan Riordan Plumbing, Culver Park High School, Silvano Maldonado.

On Tuesday Oct. 19, the CCEF pulled out chairs and poured coffee at Akasha to thank some of the locals who have been helpful this past year. The choice of Akasha as a venue, (known for their emphasis on local, organic and sustainable resources,) was even more appropriate with the presentation on teaching children how to make healthy food choices with the “Growing Great” program.

Many notables in the community listened as Lise Friedman, the president of the Culver City Education Foundation, thanked the benefactors and spoke about how the chronic state budget problems had made the foundation even more grateful for the local business support. “I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone here how serious it is,” Friedman stated, “and how pleased we are to have your generous support.”

Interim Superintendent Patti Jaffe then took the microphone, and thanked the crowd even more enthusiastically for all that they had contributed to the schools. She then presented the Business Partner Awards, (see photo above) to all those present, and lauded their contributions to individual schools that made the district as whole so much more resourceful.

The last presentation of the morning was from “Growing Great” a Manhattan Beach based non-profit that is established in three of the district’s elementary school, and coming in to the other two. Using parent volunteers as classroom teachers, “Growing Great” offers lessons in teaching kids how to make healthy food choices. With an introduction by Peggy Curry and a slide show narrated by Sarah Gelb, the “Growing Great” team offered to make small children like Swiss chard, and teach students how to fuel their bodies for their best academic performance.

It was a nutritious morning in every way; folks who give to the schools were appreciated, teaching children to eat well was presented as an essential lesson, and the fantastic folks at CCEF were fortified with the feeling that all their effort bear fruit.

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