Walk ‘n Rollers – This Month’s Walk to School Dates



The sun is up, the sky is blue, classrooms are open; every day can be a walk to school day, but if you need a special reason, or just a supportive crowd, every CCUSD school has date this month to gather and walk together. Pump the tires and lace up the sneakers; lots of friends are waiting for you.

Walk to School Dates
El Marino: Wed, Apr 12 | Meet up: US Bank (Sawtelle & Sepulveda), Ballona Creek Bridge (Sawtelle), 8am
Walking School Bus Every Thursday
El Rincon: Fri, Apr 14
Meet up: Toys ‘R Us Parking lot (Jefferson/Sawtelle), 8am
Farragut: Wed, Apr 12
Meet up: Lindberg Park (by the Stonehouse), Veterans Park (Coombs/Barman), 8am
La Ballona: Wed, Apr 12
Meet up: Telefson Park, Vets Park (paddle tennis courts), 8am
Linwood E. Howe: Fri, Apr 14
Meet up: Carson/Ince, Carlson Park, 8am
CCMS: Thurs, Apr 20

Parking just a few blocks away goes a long way towards reducing traffic and pollution around your school while adding some extra activity to your child’s day. Be part of the solution! We encourage parents to take the 3 Block Challenge by parking at least three blocks from school and walking the rest at least once a week.

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