Lovely Little Libraries Sprout Thanks to Eagle Scout

68df32b2-4513-498c-85a4-34744bebe200If you have been seeing more ‘little libraries’ on the streets of Culver City, you can thank Matthew Stewart. His Eagle Scout project had him make five little libraries and give them away to members of the community, opening a door to more friends sharing more books.

“They weren’t that hard, once you get the basics figured out –  pouring the concrete, measuring the wood, that kinda stuff.” Stewart installed them with help from his troop leader (and Dad) Pete Stewart ( shown in photo above) on private properties in accord with regulations.

Boy Scout Troop #108 has another Eagle Scout to be proud of, and Culver City has more shelf space. Aways a good thing.

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  1. Thank you, Matthew Stewart! What a great Eagle Scout project!

    I smile (every single time) I pass by one of these “little libraries” and am thrilled to have them part of my community.

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