Dear Editor – Tiggs Fan Waxes Poetic

Dear Editor:
I first met Marcus Tiggs at the Forum in Tellefson Park giving all the candidates for City Council a chance to air their views. I was impressed by his intelligence, his record of service to Culver City, his outstanding military record and his balanced viewpoint. I believe that Marcus Tiggs should be one of our new City Council members.

Here are more reasons why:
His financial carefulness: Ours is a cyclical economy with bad times following good. It’s always been that way with no obvious changes in sight. Tiggs knows this, and views our future warily. He has urged prudent financial planning for our city.
Buckled sidewalks: We have thousands of buckled sidewalks in Culver City, mainly caused by invasive roots from city trees planted on our parkways. Even though his legal specialty is not personal injury, Tiggs is sensitive to the financial risk we are exposed to when seniors file slip and fall lawsuits. Other cities in California have lost big slip and fall suits because they failed to adequately maintain their sidewalks.
In closing, here’s a jingle to help you remember:

Roses are red;
Violets are blue.
I’m voting for Marcus,
And you should too.


Charles Hoult

The Actors' Gang

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