The Joy of Feng Shui – Janet Mitsui Brown

Joy is about balancing your home with the proper elements so you can enjoy the advantages of living with the environment.

The vitality that accompanies a positive spirit raises chi – one’s energy level, and with trust in one’s mind and heart, good things happen.

How do you know if you need a cure? Well, if something is missing in your life – the security of money, the companionship of a relationship, or the vigor of good health, then you need one. You have to be honest with yourself – you need to admit the void in order to fill it.

A feng shui consultation will help you to find the imbalance – in your home, or with you. We start with the yin/yang of your home, the dark and light forces, and then we look at elements – earth, metal, water, wood and fire assembled on your property. Each element represents an aspect of your life, and we look to see if it is missing, or if it overwhelms you.

If it’s missing, we work to bring the element to life for you

From the Black Hat Sect School of Feng Shui the late Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun professes nine basic cures:

1. Bright or light-refracting objects such as a mirror, a hanging crystal ball, or lights (earth elements)

2. Sounds such as wind chimes, bells, including tingsha bells or meditation singing bowls

3. Living objects, usually earth or wood elements, such as plants, flowers, aquarium, fishbowls, or bonsai

4. Moving objects – a fountain (water element), a mobile, or room fan

5. Heavy objects including stones (earth element) or statues (meditation objects or deities)

6. Electrical power used to stimulate chi, perhaps a music box in a bar to stimulate a “wealth” corner

7. Flutes, with its hollow interior symbolically lifting chi; protection to drive away negative spirits and forces.

8. Colors can represent elements, and are an important representation of an element. The Chinese also have special beliefs about color:

Red is auspicious

Yellow represents longevity

Green signifies growth

And remember, colors also represent chakras of the body

9. Feng Shui also uses personal cures to address special needs, some mundane (visible) and others transcendental (invisible)

Mundane cures from the feng shui tradition include:

Blessing incense, Gourd, Wealth Cards, Protection Cards, Jewelry, Amulets, Crystals and Pendulums

Transcendental cures are very powerful and can be procuredfrom a feng shui practitioner

If something is missing in your life go now to Store to find the proper cure, to make life happen for you. You deserve romance in your heart, good health, and prosperity.

It’s the Joy of Feng Shui,

Janet Mitsui Brown

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