School Board Set to Begin for 2013

At its final 2012 meeting, the CCUSD Board of Education reorganized its officers and committee assignments. By unanimous vote, the Board elected Kathy Paspalis as president, Patricia Siever as vice president and Nancy Goldberg as clerk. In addition, Laura Chardiet was appointed parliamentarian.

The Board also made the following appointments:

Representatives to the Board of Education/City Council Liaison Committee:
1. Karlo Silbiger
2. Patricia Siever
3. Kathy Paspalis (Alternate)

Representative to the Youth Health Center Committee: Nancy Goldberg

Representative to the District Community Arts Committee: Laura Chardiet

Representative to the Fineshriber Foundation: Kathy Paspalis

Liaison to the Culver City Education Foundation: Nancy Goldberg

At its December 11, 2012 meeting, the Board also voted unanimously to:

Adopt Findings of Staff Report Denying Innovatory School for Professional Youths (ISPY) Charter School Petition
Approve the Suspended Enforcement of the Expulsion of Pupil Services Case #11-08-09
Approve the Certification of the First Interim Report for 2012-2013
Approve the Certification of Signatures for Warrants, Orders for Salary Payment, Notices of Employment and Related Documents
Authorize the Superintendent and/or Superintendent’s Designee to Negotiate Pre-Construction, Lease Lease-Back and Construction Agreements with Balfour Beatty
Approve the Addendum to the Agreement between Culver City Unified School District and SunPower Corporation
Authorize an Agreement with Hodgetts+Fung Design and Architecture
Approve the 2011/2012 Agreement between the Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD) and the Management Association of Culver City Schools (MACCS)
Approve the New Classified Job Classification and Job Description – Clinical Counselor Intern

In addition, the Board voted 3-2 (Paspalis, Chardiet opposed) to approve Revised Board Bylaw 9121, President; voted 4-1 (Goldberg opposed) to approve the Stipulated Expulsion of Pupil Services Case #1-12-13; and pulled the following item off the agenda: Approval of the 2011/2012 Agreement between the Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD) and the Association of Classified Employees (ACE).

The next Board of Education meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on January 22.

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