School Board Candidates to Debate at Culver Democratic Club Meeting

The monthly general membership meeting of the Culver City Democratic Club will be the first full debate for the School Board candidates running in the current election.

In the club’s current newsletter, Democratic Club President and CCUSD School Board member Karlo Silbiger noted, “With state funding for education drying up and big decisions on the horizon at CCUSD related to solar powered schools, the treatment of district unions, and the use of consultants, the people who we elect will have a direct correlation with the quality of our schools and property values of our houses.”

As the club only endorses Democratic candidates, this is a rare election where all candidates are registered Democrats, giving a chance for local voters to come and check out the entire field in one evening. Endorsements will be decided upon by the voting members of the club, but all are welcome to watch the debate.
Be there at 7 pm this Wednesday,Sept. 14 Rotunda Room in the Veterans Memorial Building at 4117 Overland Avenue.

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  1. Sunday 9/18 TV program, John Stossel, on school performance.

    He interviewed Salman Khan,who uses videos and the internet, and after much success in teaching math, notably at the fifth grade level, is now funded by Bill Gates.

    Can you get from the school board candidates their positions on Khan’s methods?

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