Infamous Hitler Letter at Muesum of Tolerance

The Hitler Letter will open at the Museum of Tolerance on Monday, October 3, 2011. This new permanent, interactive exhibit includes the original 1919 letter signed by Adolf Hitler that calls for a ruthless government whose “final aim, must be the uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center considered it the most significant document discovered and authenticated in its 34-year history. The document, a 4-page letter signed by Adolf Hitler, dated September 16, 1919, (six years before the publication of Mein Kampf)  describes his hatred of Jews outlining his plans which call for, “The uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether,” which he says can only be accomplished, “Under a government of National strength and never under a government of National impotence.”  Hitler warns against an “emotional anti-Semitism which will always find its expression in the form of pogroms” and seeks rather “a legal … removal of the rights of the Jew.”

“What began as a private letter, one man’s opinion, twenty-two years later became the ‘Magna Carta’ of an entire nation and led to the nearly total extinction of the Jewish people. This is an important lesson for future generations,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, Wiesenthal Center Dean and Founder. “Demagogues mean what they say and given the opportunity, carry out what they promise,” he concluded.

The Museum of Tolerance is located at 9786 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. For more information, call 310-553-8403 or go to

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