Dear Editor- Union Gives Double Endorsement

Dear Culver City Crossroads,

The Culver City Federation of Teachers has endorsed two candidates for school board. Teachers are supporting Nancy Goldberg and Laura Chardiet.

In endorsing Nancy, we did something we’ve never done before: we made an early endorsement in the spring. We deviated from our normal September endorsement process because we were so convinced that Nancy and her 41 years of teaching experience in our schools would be a terrific addition to our school board and we couldn’t wait to offer her our support.

We interviewed all the other candidates earlier this month. Each of the other candidates have strengths and contributtions to make, but we were most impressed by Laura Chardiet. Like Nancy, Laura is a career educator. Of course it’s not a requirement that school board members be teachers or school employees, (and we’re not prejudiced against lawyers, for example), but in these tough times it makes sense to us to have experienced educators guiding our schools.

Please join your teachers in supporting Nancy and Laura!

davd mielke, president culver city federation of teachers

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