Boosters Go Bowling for CCHS

Championship team Robert Gray, Kevyn Tucker, Cynthia Tucker and Kimily Batiste

You might have been involved in some other sports over the weekend, but the real action was raising funds for the high school by tossing strikes. Who could have guessed that tournament bowling would reveal such hidden talent ?

Along the same lines as the 1969 New York Mets World Series victory over the Baltimore Orioles and Buster Douglas’ knockout of Mike Tyson, comes Ian Drummond and his double victory Saturday evening in the 3rd Annual Culver City High School Booster Club’s Bowling Tournament. Drummond, never confused with Earl Anthony or Walter Ray Williams, was a member of both the first place and second place championship teams in Saturday’s tournament.

CCUSD locksmith Robert Gray, Kevyn Tucker, Cynthia Tucker and Kimily Batiste formed the foundation of the championship team. Team Gray bowled with Councilman Andy Weissman and Drummond, totaling 1795 pins for their victory. Gray led the team with a fine 223 average for the evening. Weissman bowled a quite respectable 168 to help the cause.

Doug Stanger’s Team ADP finished second with a score of 1759. Team ADP had the distinct pleasure of bowling with Board of Education member Steven Gourley, and Drummond. Team Prieto, led by CCHS baseball coach Rick Prieto, fresh off a thrilling season on the diamond, along with “ringer” student Eric Mandzuch, finished third with a score of 1664.

Culver City VIPs scoring well included Culver City Board of Education President Scott Zeidman, a former competitive bowler, Mr. Culver City Mike Cohen (181 average with a high game of 204), and City Manager Jon Nachbar (174 average, high game 200).

Culver City Police Chief Don Pedersen won the coveted “best of the chiefs award” besting Culver City Fire Chief Chris Sellers by a two game total score of 323 to 251.

Andy Weissman was the highest scoring City Councilman with a score of 302, enough to edge out colleague Scott Malsin (221), and former Councilmen Steven Gourley (234) and Steve Rose (186). Culver City Middle School Assistant Principal Jocie Wilson, filled in aptly for the injured Mayor Mehaul O’Leary with a two game total of 269. In the battle of Culver City High, Jerry Chabola (315) easily outdistanced CCHS Principal Dr. Pam Magee (116), and champion Ian Drummond.

However, the night was all about Drummond. Overshadowing the near sellout crowd and the over $2,000 raised for the Booster Club, Drummond wowed the fans and bowlers alike with an incredible showing on the lanes. In a sport where 300 is perfect, Drummond amassed single game totals of 54 in the first game, and an improved 65 in the second game. Bowlers of Drummond’s stature are rarely, if ever, seen on ABC or ESPN. Reportedly, Drummond had a strike in each game.

Drummond, a former soccer standout for Culver High, put it simply, ‘There’s more to bowling than the score.”

High scores among the participants included Kat (274 first game, 527 total), Eric “ringer” Mandzuch (256/490), Aileen Zeidman (264/488), Rick Easley (277/486), Kevyn Tucker (245/447), and Robert Gray (220/439). Generous donations were made by Eagle Sports, Sorrento’s, Santa Maria Barbecue, and Lonzo’ Bakery.


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