CCEF Reaches for the Stars with “Tribute” Take

Culver City High Jazz Band warming up and welcoming guests to the "Tribute to the Stars."
Culver City High Jazz Band warming up and welcoming guests to the "Tribute to the Stars."

There are fundraisers and then, there are major fundraisers, but the Culver City Eduction Foundation launched itself into a whole new category bringing in $80,000 from the “Tribute to the Stars.”

Using a new format for the evening, CCEF leader Leslie Adler broke away from the standard dinner program that “Stars” had used for the past several years, and took it to a new venue with huge success.

By having the evening at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Adler changed the event from a simple awards ceremony into a night with far more to offer. Starting with a wine and cheese reception on Main Street, the tables filled with silent auction items were more accessible and easier to browse. When the awards were given out at the Cary Grant Theater, they were followed by a live auction overseen by the wit and skills of Mike Cohen. Then dinner was offered by a carnival of local restaurants including Akasha, The Culver Hotel, Ford’s Filling Station and Tubbs Chili. A balloon artist and a magician also kept the crowd happy.

For the CCEF to be able to bring in $80,000 in one evening took some great planning, and some very generous guests. Kudos to all who worked so hard to make it happen, and thanks to all the generous donors. With our schools needing all the help we can give, this is a great time add your support. Just go to and you’ll be at the next event to keep our schools at the top.

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