From the Police Blotter- Green Robbery

Not this green van - something completely different

According to the Lt. Ron Izuka of the Culver City Police, “On Feb. 8 at 7:45 pm, officers responded to the 5700 block of Washington Boulevard regarding a robbery investigation. The officers met with two victims who told them the following; the victims said they were riding their bicycles when they noticed a green van following them. The van passed them and stopped. Two male suspects got out of the van. One of the suspects then points a handgun at the victims and demanded their bicycles. The victims fearing for their safety complied and gave the suspects their property. The suspects then fled the area.”
So the van was low on gas? They were trying to turn over a new leaf? They just robbed someone else of their helmets and needed wheels to go with them ? Maybe a whole new organic environmental breed of crime is growing in Culver City? (Is that a good thing?) Scott Wyant, Meghan Sahli-Wells and Kathy Lamm should all remember to keep their cell phones on “stun.” And how green was that van; Bio-diesel or electric?

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