Culver City Police News – February Blotter

Looking back at the month of Febrarury, the Culver city Police Department had some noteworthy arrests;

On 2/2/10, Officers Al Casillas and Roy Lopez responded to the area of Washington Place and Huron Avenue in response to a suspicious person call.  The subject left the area before the officers arrived, but was found a short time laterhiding behind a vehicle.  Due to the officer’s thorough field investigation, they found a large quantity of marijuana packaged for sale and also located evidence suggesting the juvenile attempted to burglarize the residence.  The subject was arrested and transported to Eastlake Juvenile Facility.
On 2/8/10, Officers Treanor and Koffman ran a DMV check on a vehicle that was reported stolen out of Pacific Division. With the assistance of the Green and Grey Teams all occupants of the vehicle were detained. The suspects were also arrested for BFMV because stolen property was found in the vehicle that was linked to a reported crime that occurred in Los Angeles.
On 2/10/10, a burglary was interrupted on Caroline Avenue by a neighbor who was able to obtain the license plate number to the suspect vehicle as it fled. The vehicle was found to have been taken in a carjacking in the city of Long Beach. Forensic Services Supervisor Joi Dickerson was called out to process the residence and was successful in lifting fingerprints. The fingerprints were processed which
resulted in a positive ID match to a Long Beach suspect. This information was forwarded to Long Beach PD. Shortly thereafter we were notified that LASO had located the suspect vehicle and that there was an exchange of gunfire between the deputies and the suspects. All suspects were ultimately apprehended along with our burglary suspect.

On 2/22/10, a strong-arm robbery (purse snatch) occurred at Sepulveda Boulevard and Machado Road.  A description of the suspects and vehicle was given provided. Moments later, Officer Solve Loken observed the vehicle occupied by both suspects.  A traffic stop was conducted where both suspects were positively identified by the victim.  Officer Loken’s knowledge of escape routes, andoutstanding observation resulted in the arrest and positive identification of two robbery suspects.
On 2/19/10, Officer Bandon Vanscoy, Sergeants Aubrey Kellum and Leon Lopez responded to a burglary in progress at Target, 10820 Jefferson Blvd.  Upon the suspects noticing the arrival of the police units they began to run in different directions.  With the arrival of Officers Brent Arney, Luis Martinez, Marcus
Colen, James Cendrowski, Chris Horii, Cris Ferrier, Vanessa Derisee, Diego Hernandez, Randy Robertson, Peter Nunez, and Neil Glickman three simultaneous foot pursuits ensued.  One suspect was apprehended immediately and two separate perimeters in the Lindberg Park residential area were established for the remaining suspects.  Sergeant Rick Nielson, Dispatchers January Canchola, Daniel Bell, and Dewayne Hayforth provide crucial assistance with helping establish multiple perimeters and monitoring multiple foot pursuits while remaining calm, cool, and collected.  They were also instrumental in acquiring assistance from outside agencies.  At the end, because of the officers and
dispatchers collective efforts, three dangerous criminals were apprehended.

Check in with Culver City Crossroads for regular updates on local police activities.

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