Murder Suspect in Custody

The Culver City Police released this statement on May 5 in regards to the murders on Huron Avenue.

“As you are aware, Patrol Officers from the Culver City Police Department responded to a radio call on Tuesday, May 3nd at approximately 10:00 in the morning in the 4000 block of Huron Avenue.

Upon entering the single family residence, they found an 89 year male and a 27 year old female, both deceased. We determined that both were the victims of homicide. The 89 year old male was identified as Lucien George Bergez and the 27 year old female has been identified as Erica Evelyn Escobar of Santa Monica.

First, on behalf of the men and women of the Culver City Police Department we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to both victims’ families.

Detectives from the Culver City Police Department immediately began a homicide investigation which has continued nonstop to this point. At this point in the investigation, the manner in which they were killed has not been determined.

Through various investigative means, Detectives were able to identify and arrest a suspect identified as Zackariah Timothy Lehnen, who is 31 years of age. Lehnen, a transient, is currently in custody. Lehnen was arrested in the City of West Hollywood early this morning at approximately 1:30 am.

It is our belief that this was not a random crime. The investigation has led us to believe that the suspect was known by both victims. At this time the nature of the relationships is unknown.

I am very proud of the Patrol Officers, Forensic Personnel and Detectives and the supervisors that have been assigned to this case. Their teamwork, dedication and professionalism has been unparalled. Their efforts have resulted in the arrest of a very dangerous individual within a very short period of time.

Since this is an on-going investigation we are unable to release specific details of the investigation, but we feel confident that Lehnen is responsible for the crime. Our Detectives will be presenting, what we believe to be a very strong case, to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office early next week.

As this is an on-going investigation we are asking members of the public to call us at (310) 253-6309 if they have any further information that could help us.”


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