Dear Editor – Voices of the Election

I supported Scott Malsin for City Council in 2006. Not only has he lived up to my expectations – he continues to impress me with his dedication and his tireless efforts to move Culver City forward.

Four years ago, there were three qualities that were most important in my decision to support Scott: experience, intelligence and vision.

Scott was experienced in the workings of local city government before he became a council member. Now, that experience is multiplied. My confidence in his leadership has grown as I’ve seen him work through tough issues. I trust his judgment as the city faces even more difficult economic times.

Intelligence is an important hallmark of a good council member. Scott has the insight into the details of the workings of the city. He’s proven he has the ability to reason and analyze issues and keep Culver City heading in the right direction.

Scott has exhibited his vision for the city in many ways throughout the pastfour years. I think IndieCade, the International Festival of Independent Games that took place here last fall, is a good example. Scott was instrumental in bringing it to our community. He has a good sense of what works for our city. I look forward to seeing more of his vision in action.

I’d add words like compassion, integrity and common sense to my descriptionof Scott, qualities that we need as Culver City heads into the next decade.

I think my point is clear. I am voting for Scott Malsin on April 13. I hope you will join me.

Nancy Kuechle

The Actors' Gang

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