Police Association Endorses Cooper and Malsin

The Culver City Police Officers Association (CCPOA) has endorsed Jeff Cooper  and Scott Malsin for City Council.

“I am honored and proud to have endorsement of Culver City’s finest.” Jeff Cooper said when he learned of the CCPOA’s endorsement. “We should not and cannot compromise on our public safety – we should provide the men and women who protect us with all of the resources necessary to keep us protected. This is a priority for me. “ Cooper is looking forward to working with all the men and women of our Police Department when he is on the City Council.

“There is nothing more important than a safe community,” Malsin said. “I am honored by the confidence our city’s police officers have shown in me. They know I will always make sure our first responders have the resources they need to keep Culver City safe.”

The Culver City Police Officers Association represents the officers and sergeants of the Culver City Police Department. Citing Malsin’s dedication to public safety and his unwavering support for the city’s police officers, CCPOA President Adam Treanor said Malsin should be the voters’ choice on April 13.

“No one has been a bigger champion for public safety than Scott Malsin,” Treanor said. “When times are tough, Scott Malsin knows how to set priorities and understands that public safety must be at the top of the list.”

Malsin has always given the strongest possible support to our police and fire departments, making sure that the men and women who protect Culver City every day have the tools they need to be successful. Malsin has pushed for the upgrading of Culver City’s communications network so our first responders can coordinate with neighboring jurisdictions in the event of a disaster. He has also supported an investment in a computer-aided dispatch system so police officers have all the information they need before they get in harm’s way.

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