Murder Charges Filed – Myron Grant Charged in Bilodeau Death

On January 3, 2009, Paul Bilodeau, 45 years of age, was found shot to death at the Culver City Fire Station 3 construction site in Fox Hills. Bilodeau was the Project Manager overseeing the construction.

Culver City Police Detectives have worked tirelessly on this case since the homicide occurred. Following a very meticulous investigation and careful analysis of all available information, Homicide Detectives were able to identify a suspect in this case.

Based on all of the evidence, we believe that Myron Deshun Grant, a known gang
member, is responsible for the murder of Paul Bilodeau. It appears that the murder was
committed during the commission of a robbery.

Grant has been previously convicted for Sales of Narcotics (2006), Burglary (2005) and
Possession of a Dangerous Weapon (2003), all felonies.

Myron Deshun Grant, has been in custody since February on an unrelated felony
narcotics charge. Murder charges were filed on Thursday, June 17th and he was
scheduled to be arraigned at the Los Angeles Airport Court on Monday June 21st. The
arraignment was continued until July 8, 2010. The Charges filed by the Los Angeles
County District Attorney’s office include PC187(a) (Homicide) with special
circumstances (murder in the commission of a robbery).

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