Dear Editor-Students are Outraged

Protest at Culver City High School Mon. Feb 14 7:30 a.m.

Dear Editor,

“To students, the firing of Sheila Silver is not only nonsensical, but also outrageously offensive. Her work with us has evolved the Theatre department into a tight-knit yet welcoming family where people look after each other, create together, and, most of all, work together through whatever personal problems we may have to share the best work possible. She succeeds in pushing us to reach all six CCHS Student Outcomes as well as the goals listed on the AVPA website (found at Due to these facts, we do not believe that her firing was based on student needs.

The protests are only the tip of the iceberg. We will keep fighting until our needs are represented in the re-hiring of Sheila Silver.”

Kevin Mitchell

The Actors' Gang

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