Dear Editor- CCUSD Parents Favor Jaffe

Dear Editor:

I am the proud parent of a 7th grader at Culver City Middle School. I have lived in Culver City for over 30 years and have voted in many School Board elections.
I have been watching the CCUSD Superintendent search with great interest. I have not met the candidates whom the search firm has recommended and I am sure they are all well qualified. But I have a personal prejudice. I believe that Patricia Jaffe is the perfect person for the job. I have seen her interact with the parents and personnel of the our schools and I know how respected and well liked she is by many and if it were up to me I would look now further for our future Superintendent.

Last week, the School Board was asked to consider Ms. Jaffe as a candidate for the position. I am aware there is a complication due to the contract we have with her that defines her “interim” status. But my understanding is that the Board can vote to eliminate this stumbling block. From what I could ascertain Mr. Gourley, Ms. Paspalis and Mr. Zeidman seem open to making Mrs. Jaffe eligible for consideration and Mr. Silbiger and Mrs. Siever do not.

I want only what is best for Culver City. If Patricia Jaffe is the best candidate for the job than she should be our next Superintendent. Let her take her best shot along with the other applicants and have the decision be based on that process, and do not exclude her from consideration on what seems to me to be an easily reversible technicality.

I believe School Board members Siever and Silbiger are doing us a disservice by not allowing Patricia Jaffe to be considered for the job.

Larry Weiner
Culver City

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