Dear Editor- An Open Letter to the Redevelopment Agency

Dear Redevelopment Agency Members,

The Downtown Neighborhood Association wishes to advise you of our position on the affordable housing component for 4043 Irving Place.

The DNA supports the development of affordable housing in Culver City. Before appropriating approximately $6 million of redevelopment funds, as well as an undisclosed amount of grant money for this project, we ask that the Agency perform its due diligence and make comprehensive site visits to affordable housing properties currently owned and managed by the developers.

Site visits should include an assessment of the physical condition of the properties, the level of maintenance, interviews with residents, and an assessment of their fiscal management. Site visits are customarily performed to evaluate a developer’s capacity to adequately manage an affordable housing project. Findings should be reported back to the Agency and the community before approval is given.

Since the 4043 Irving project has been a controversial one and the city has not involved the Planning Commission in what is clearly a significant change in the project, it would seem incumbent on the Redevelopment Agency to base their decision making on the most thorough evaluation.

True due diligence would not only allay concerns about funding this project, but will also contribute to a better project, one which serves community development.

Meghan Sahli-Wells
President, Downtown Neighborhood Association

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