Dear Editor – Board VP Likes Malsin, Cooper

Dear Editor,

Election day is April 13, and we, the voters of Culver City, have the opportunity to help positively shape our city’s future. I urge you to join me in voting for both Scott Malsin and Jeff Cooper for City Council. In tough financial times, we need experience and leadership, and these are traits shared by both Scott and Jeff.

As the Vice President of the Culver City Unified School District Board of Education, I am interested in getting the best possible candidates elected to the City Council. I firmly believe that Scott Malsin and Jeff Cooper are by far the two best candidates.

Scott Malsin is a strong and effective leader. He’s someone we can count on to safeguard our city financial future while at the same time protecting and enhancing our community. Scott has played a major role in bringing the Expo Line to Culver City, encouraging the revitalization of Westfield Culver City, supporting our police and fire departments and renovating and upgrading Culver City’s parks, playgrounds and facilities.

Jeff Cooper has the experience and financial expertise to lead our city. Jeff is known for his involvement in so many wonderful Culver City activities, including ten years as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner, assistance to seniors and youth, positive environmental policies and school safety. Jeff has worked tirelessly on many worthy fundraising projects including the 4th of July Fireworks show and the Culver City Car Show.

Of particular note, the Culver City Firefighter’s Association and the Culver City Police Officers Association have endorsed both Scott and Jeff.

Please join me on April 13 in voting for Scott Malsin and Jeff Cooper to the Culver City City Council.

Scott Zeidman

The Actors' Gang

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