Dear Editor- Now is the Time

Dear Editor,
The ability to listen and learn – when Culver City residents express their views on important issues – is a fundamental characteristic that we want for those we elect to serve four years on our City Council. It is absolutely a time for a change in attitude. It is time to thank Mr. Malsin for his four years.

More importantly, it is the time to elect two fresh NEW members to our City Council. It is time to elect candidates who have respect for the will of the people and Culver City’s 56-foot height limit. It is time for NO MORE Entrada Buildings. It is time for NO MORE candidates – like those other guys who take developer money. We need a City Council that is 100% for the residents and without developer conflicts of interest.

Having watched this campaign unfold over the past few weeks, I have seen two candidates grow in stature – Meghan Sahli-Wells and Robert Zirgulis. Both have refreshing attitudes for different reasons. Meghan is very out-going and sociable – while Mr. Z will speak the truth whether you want to hear it or not. Both have demonstrated the ability to listen and learn.

I believe that the combination of community idealism and common sense is
exactly what Culver City needs. Now is time to elect Mr. Z and Megan to our City Council.

Charles A. Deen, CPA
East Culver City resident

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