Dear Editor- Leaf Blower Enforcement

Dear Editor,
I just read an article from the Santa Monica Daily Press that reported a new, stronger enforcement policy will be in effect that prohibits the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in Santa Monica. This ordinance has been in effect since the mid-1990’s, but has not been seriously enforced due to the cost.

I always assumed that leaf blowers contributed to air and noise pollution on some level, but this article was an eye opener for me. It states, “an individual gas powered leaf blower, those often used by professional gardeners, emit 500 times the level of hydrocarbons than a modern automobile, citing figures from the California Air Resources Board.” 500 times!

I know that plastic grocery bags are the topic du jour for armchair environmentalists in Culver City today. However, if you want to make a substantive difference in the air we breathe in our immediate vicinity, I suggest this targeting this nuisance: Leaf blowers. The effort would need to be cost-neutral for the city in these economic times, but I think it’s worth a discussion.

Please see the following link to read the entire story:

Dan O’Brien

Editor’s Note – I agree. Noise, pollution, and worst of, problems just pushed into some other yard.

The Actors' Gang

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