Dear Editor – CCUSD Admin is Bone Thin

Dear Editor,

One way the board is trying to ameliorate the problem is to find new revenue for our district. That means using our capital funds that can’t be used for salaries to upgrade existing structures so we can rent them out to make money. The sports complex at CCHS, the Robert Frost [Auditorium] both are on the slate for improvements. As well as installing solar which should bring 1 to 2 million over 5 years. Now these projects need extensive oversight and RFP reports done. We used to have David El Fattal, Ali Delawalla, and another person on staff in administration who did this. Now we only have Ali and his plate isseverely overloaded. One person cannot effectively manage three huge projects and write RFPs. Nor can we cut what’s already bare bones in my opinion. To ask for administrative cuts really is shortsighted and a detriment to our district as we are already bare bones.

Bonnie Wacker

The Actors' Gang

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