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Editor’s Note – When a local student wins a contest this big     (see post below) we thought it fitting to publish, not just the news, but the essay itself. Congratulations Cameron!

A Melting Pot of Heritage
by Cameron DeFaria

In many American’s vision, Latinos are a strong element in our society. For many others, they are felt to be not so strong. Through the eyes of Los Angeles, Latinos are very welcome. What appealing characteristic could be so powerful as to lure us Americans into finding peace and comfort with Latino culture? For many, it is their kind hospitality, love of family, and happiness. For others, it is mainly their cultural exchange with clothing, trinkets, and mainly food. If it weren’t for Latinos, America would be lacking flavor. Not only flavor with food, but with culture.

Music is a very powerful and inspiring element of all American society. It represents emotion, thoughts, and/or expressions. For Latinos, it is more than that. It is their heritage. “Mariachi” is a very popular type of music. The instruments vary from the “Guitarrón” (large guitar), to the “trompeta” (trumpet). Los Angeles has brought so much of this musical inspiration into our daily lives. Often you can go out for a nice meal at a Mexican restaurant, and find a Mariachi band playing. There are many Americans that love “Mariachi’s”, and other types of Latin music.

Most Americans absolutely love a good burrito once in a while. Latino food is definitely a favorite here in LA. There are delicious foods from, “tamales con queso” to “Chimichangas” and “tacos”. There are presently a wide variety of mouth-watering Latino restaurants in Los Angeles. Some of the most successful ones such as, “Chipotle” or “Titos Tacos” are making profits you wouldn’t believe! Everyone craves these cultural flavors!

Latinos live their lives with a lot of passion. They find social gatherings and celebrations with family and friends very enjoyable. This influences many people in Los Angeles. Cultural exchange has happened with food and clothing, but yet has to occur with behavior and/or demeanor. Everything previously stated has been the effect of cultural diversity not only in Los Angeles but America! The opportunity to be included in the life styles of so many cultures has definitely changed our country. We can now prosper all together. America truly is a melting pot of heritage.

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