Dear Editor – Can’t Wait to Vote

Dear Editor,
In these few months running up to the election for city council of Culver City, it has become obvious that the only and best candidate for this position is Meghan Sahli-Wells. She has demonstrated her knowledge, interest, ability and dedication to our city and is the best one to help move us forward into the next decade. Meghan grew up here and has chosen to settle and raise her family here. She has been volunteering in various capacities throughout our city and knows well our concerns. And as another UCLA Bruin, I can’t wait to go to the polls next week to cast my vote for her.

I had the opportunity to meet with Meghan not long ago. It wasn’t long after we sat down together that she showed me why she will be such an asset for our city. She showed that she had the best and most original ideas in all areas that impact Culver City. Meghan shared her many and concise plans for improving the development process, saving money, and increasing community participation in the governmental process, among other things. These were concrete and well-considered; I have heard none of these or even anything close from the other candidates. Furthermore, when listening to my concerns and ideas, she was patient, attentive and encouraging. Meghan’s answers for our current and future challenges show concern for all the members of the Culver City community, residences, businesses and visitors alike. When others take a reactionary approach, she has shown innovation and great intelligence.

And I’m not alone in supporting Meghan as she has an impressive number of supporters including the Culver City Employees’ Association, Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters, The Honorable Diane E. Watson and Karen Bass, Culver City Vice Mayor Christopher Armenta as well as hundreds of other residents like myself. There is no one else I trust my city to than Meghan. So join me in voting for Meghan Sahli-Wells to insure we have the best person working for our city.

Brian V.W. Pogue

The Actors' Gang

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