Dear Editor – More Clarity

Dear Editor (and Board Members,)

I know the Board doesn’t want to lose a single teacher, administrator, or otherwise. Neither do I. I know the state’s budget woes are a terrible thing and I know the Board does its best to work with the hand it has.

I don’t, for a minute, think the Board takes anything lightly and I absolutely respect the time and attention of all members. I know it is usually a thankless job… unless something really remarkable comes up.

I was just passing on a message encouraging parents to be involved and weigh in. Apathy is rampant, and I believe people need to be reminded about their own community issues.

Personally, I think flexibility is very important, and it seems fair to me that, until the final numbers are known, there should be at least some room for possible administrative cuts. I also believe that other possible solutions – such as everyone taking a pay cut (and tiered at that) so no one loses a job – are out there. As terrible as this situation is, it would be my choice. I’ve done it in my own work, as have others. No one likes it, but it’s a shared “pain” so that no one is cut loose. It would seem that students stand to benefit most from this solution, should it become necessary.

I’m so sorry if I gave the wrong impression in passing the message along. I hope this clarifies my position.

I always appreciate your time and I am grateful for the opportunity to communicate with you.


Liz Kinnon

The Actors' Gang

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