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Thank you, Kathy, for a very informative response. I just want to add that for years when my kids were in elementary school I would go up to the second floor of the district offices to get room use permits and there were lots of people working up there. Now when I go up there it is very quiet and there are a lot of empty desks. Mind you, the district administrators don’t have less work to do, they just have a lot fewer people to do it.

Everything I know says that our administrators and school board have struggled over the last several years to keep cuts as far from the classroom as possible. But when the district budget has been cut by something like 25% in the years my kids have been in school, their education, their classes and their teachers cannot help but be adversely impacted. This is especially true in the upper grades.

Perhaps an earlier answer from the teachers’ union could have made things easier, I’m not an expert on that. What I do know is that the real problem lies in Sacramento. And the problems will get MUCH worse if our legislators don’t soon agree to put tax extensions on the ballot. Without them the cuts will be horrendously severe and there will be precious little the school board or administrators can do about it.

YOU can do something by contacting your State Senator and Assembly Member. If you live in Culver City, here is the contact information:

Holly J. Mitchell

Dem-47 (916) 319-2047
310-342-1070 [email protected]

State Senator Curren Price, jr. [213-745-6656 OR 916-651-4026]

You can even contact Representative Jim Nielsen (Republican & Vice Chair of the Budget Committee)

Jim Nielsen – Vice Chair

Rep-2(916) 319-2002 [email protected]

If you don’t live in Culver City, go to, click on legislation, click to find your district by address and enter your address in the box to find your representatives. Let them know that our public schools must be our top priority, and that we must put the tax extensions on the ballot so that we can have the money to educate our children.

Please, if you care about our schools, our kids and our future, do this right away.

Thank you,

Jody Reichel

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