Dear Editor – CCUSD Board Approves Increased Enrollment

Dear Editor,
   While easing some restrictions for out-of-district permits, our CCUSD school board also made a monumental, district-wide decision to raise grade and classroom enrollments.

At our four elementary schools, Grades TK-3 will now have a student/teacher ratio of 28:1—up from 27:1. Grades 4 and 5 will reach their capacity when their classroom averages reach a student/teacher ratio of 22:1–up 10% from 20:1.

The Board also increased the enrollment cap at Culver City Middle School for Grades 6, 7 and 8 to 550 students–up over 12% from 490 students–or when the total school enrollment reaches 1650—a 10% increase from 1500.

For Culver City High School, the Board voted to increase the enrollment of Grades 9 and 10 from 450 students to 550 (over a 22% increase) and in Grades 11 and 12 from 475 to 500, or when the total high school enrollment reaches 2150-an increase from 2000–for a 7.5% raise.

These changes makes me wonder if the current board will see these new enrollment numbers as either being “hard caps” or just “soft caps?”

Last June, the board voted to raise teacher salaries by 5%. They did so knowing full-well that the State Legislature was looking at looming budget deficits.

So, the only clear reason for the board making these district-wide enrollment changes is to try and attract more outside permits and the added district revenues they will bring in; even if doing so would make classrooms much more crowded and lessen the chances of a teacher being able to help a struggling student needing on-the-spot instruction.

As these newly enrolled permit students increase our district enrollment and, in turn, our local LCFF revenues, will they be looked upon by the district administration as just being a temporary “Cash Cow” fix, in just helping to cover up the board’s continued mishandling of our district’s finances?

George Laase

The Actors' Gang