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Once again, it’s election day, and if you have not finished your homework, I invite you to copy mine.  This is the Culver City ballot, so if you are in LA (or Ventura or San Diego) there will be things on your ballot that you will not find answers for here. It’s not a long explanation of why, it’s just a short and heartfelt column of what.

We have new voting centers in Culver City – If you don’t yet know where to go , here is the link

Member of the State Assembly –  Sydney Kamlager; she has been elected so often in such a short space of time, (the weird timing of special elections and then regular elections) she should have a space to just do the job and not have to think about running for her office. Besides which, she is quite good at it.

United States Representative – Karen Bass. If you have not been to any of her local Town Hall meetings in the last two years, you have missed some truly fine political perspective. She knows how it all works and she knows how to work it.  She will even tell you how it works for you.

Culver City Special Municipal Election – Measure CC – Vote Yes. This is the sales tax renewal, this was the reason to decree a “fiscal emergency,” to get this on the ballot, so everyone can vote on it.  It’s a 1/2 a penny, it’s not an increase, it’s the same sales tax we’ve been paying for years. We kinda can’t afford to get by on less, so yes is just keeping things as they are.

Supervisor 2nd District – Holly Mitchell. You knew I was going to say Holly Mitchell, you are not even slightly surprised. I have been a huge fan of her work in Sacramento, and I’ll be stoked to have her on the ‘soups’. Jan Perry is very smart, and I’m not unimpressed, but Holly is the stuff.

District Attorney – Jackie Lacey. Reluctantly, but Jackie Lacey.

The Judges – Only making the recommendation for those who have competition. Judges in Offices 17, 131 and 141 are running unopposed.

#42 Linda Sun
#72 Steve Morgan
# 76 Emily Cole
#80 David Berger
#97 Sherry Powell
#129 Kenneth Fuller
#145 Adan Montalban
#150 Tom Parsekian
#162 Scott Andrew Yang
Member of the County Central Committee, 54th Assembly District – Lindsay Carlson, Hannah Cho. Ballot instructions say to vote for no more than seven, so you can take add in other choices here if you like. Carlson and Cho are both women I know personally, and have had reason to admire their politics, their ethics and their processes. They will do some real good in these positions.
Measure R – Vote Yes – McDonnell did much good while he was the Sheriff – Villaneuva has undone a lot of it. This measure will take a some of the power of tyranny away from the office.

Measure 13 – Hell, Yes – Bonds for school repairs are as needed as oxygen and water. We have one of the biggest school age populations on the planet, and we need to take care of our students. With the 5th largest economy the world, we are 46th out of 50 states on what we spend on education. That is math that does not add up. Ignore all the weird online ignorance that is framing this as a repeal of Prop. 13. It’s not.

President – Elizabeth Warren – laugh if you want, sneer if you like, she’s the best. I really struggled between Elizabeth and Amy (and I loved having to choose between two Presidential candidates named Elizabeth and Amy) but now that Amy has stepped away, my choice has been made for me. Whatever you want to think about who to support or why, I would gently remind you that Susan B. Anthony went to her grave without the legal right to vote. That does not mean she did not matter. We are always planting trees whose fruit we will not eat. We have to plant those trees.

This is the primary – vote for your highest ideals. In the general election, it will be time to be pragmatic.

Any other questions? Click the California Flag to the right side of the page, and that will take you through to the site.

Now, get out there and VOTE!

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Thank you, Judith! This is really helpful. I appreciate what you said about Warren and planting trees for the future we will not see. I wish we had ranked choice voting, though, so we wouldn’t have to tie ourselves up in knots playing delegate math like this.

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