LA Goal – Art Show and Open House

Save the date for Culver City’s own LA Goal Open House and Annual Art Show on Sunday, October 13th. The artists have been working hard to create an exhibit you don’t want to miss! In addition to exhibiting our Members’ incredible works from this year, the show will also be an Open House at L.A. GOAL and will include collaborative art-making opportunities in our studio.

Creating art helps adults with developmental disabilities explore beauty—in their own words, by their own standards, on their own terms.

For most of their lives, adults with developmental disabilities have lived with the painful reminder that they’ll never live up to the world’s standard of beauty. When they create a work of art and say, “This is beautiful to me,” it opens many doors in their lives. It also opens a door to the rest of the world, who can say, “This is beautiful to us, too.”

L.A. GOAL’s professional art studio, Inside Out Productions, teaches visual arts: drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing, quilting, weaving, embroidery, photography, woodblock prints and multi-media.

Through ongoing art exhibitions, Inside Out Production artists are able to share with the world the talents of people with developmental disabilities. The act of creating something beautiful that the outside world can connect with becomes an effective tool for fostering communication, acceptance and inclusion.

LA Goal

The Actors' Gang

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